A Sinister Subject

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Fri Apr 13 17:05:34 EDT 2001

Bettina wrote:

>It happens, e.g., that of identical twins one
>is lefthanded and the other not, which is something of a blow to the 

(still catching up here)

I've also read that it happens occasionally that identical twins are 
complete mirror images of each other, including one of the twins having 
his/her heart on the right instead of left side, and including hair whorls 
going in opposite directions. One of the theories about why there is such a 
high occurence of left handedness among one of two identical twins has to do 
with how the egg split to create them.

I was so fascinated by this information when my mother first told me about 
it, when I was about 12, that I made her track down the source for me, and I 
have an actual photocopy of a draft of an academic paper called "Twinning: a 
link between handedness, behaviour, and autoimmunity". Heaven knows why I 
kept it for so many years! Perhaps because I was so thrilled to be handling 
university-level material... There's a specific line on the cover page 
asking not to cite or circulate the paper as it is just a draft, but it was 
written by Louise Carter, a Ph.D. at the University of Washington, and 
presented at a conference my mother attended somewhere in the 80's.
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