The things that go on in my homeland...

Tanaqui tweaver at
Fri Apr 13 01:39:29 EDT 2001

Nat Case:
+ do want to point out that some of us are in fact right at home in 
+ that sort of "oppressively occult atmosphere." 

er, really? The rest of your post mentioned happy non-Xtian stuff. 
"occult" means "hidden", and if Glastonbury is suffused in an aura
of Magickal War and miserable self-interest (a la the madder Golden
Dawn mages), then I'd not be at home.

Philip didn't say "occult and therefore nasty atmosphere". His use of
"oppressively" might be an amplifier for "occult" but I choose to parse 
it as a specifier.

I became very annoyed on Lewis that Callanish I had melted candle dribbles
and abandoned crystals in the central sunken space. It's a freely accessible
site and, rather than be impressed by the big efforts of primitive people in
setting up massive chunks of rock, some New Age twit has imposed a messy but
transitory personal agenda... still, at least it wasn't Graven Magickal
Inscriptions or even Spray-Can Symbology.

+ Just a request we be mindful whose mindset we "diss" here. They don't 
+ burn witches or martyr Christians in most of the world anymore, but 
+ both are still pretty sore memories. Care is adviseable...

Live and let live is cool, but some people really are obnoxious, and as
the neopagans strive for their slice of authority, they are just as ridden
with over-claimers as any other vocal sub-group. Kings of Britain and Arch-
Druids should have better claims than any I've seen promulgated as yet.

Morris Dancers are, of course, lovely.
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