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Hallie wrote:
"I was going to ask y'all about Wrede's Lyra books.  They seem pretty 
unavailable, except for one later one, and I was wondering about the 
importance of reading them in order.  Then _Shadow Magic_ turned up 
in the local.  It's pretty early ('82), and what a difference from 
her later books!  Tough Guidisms aplenty."

lol - Hi Hallie! I haven't read those since the early 80's. I think I still
have them somewhere.  Your comment makes me laugh since I am much more alert
to Tough Guidisms now than I was then.  What I recall liking best was her
description of magic. I think it was in the Harp of Imach Thyssel that the
heroine builds a net of magic. Or maybe it was Shadow Magic - but isn't
Shadow Magic the one with the retired warrior/mother? Lost in the misty
distance. I also liked the scenario in Daughter of Witches - I'm a complete
sucker for stories that start out with the main character in slavery or
indentured servitude.  It was similar to Witch Week in that it was a
repressive anti-magic social structure and every kid suspected or known to
be the offspring of witches was under suspicion.  Don't think that counts as
a spoiler so much as a teaser.

"The dark bread and freshly gathered honey seemed fine, but *cheese*?  Just
seemed out of 
place somehow, not only because there was no hint of any milk-producing
animals anywhere."

Heh, perhaps it was soy cheese?

"Hallie (taking care of a very drugged dog who just got spayed today, 
and is pretty miserable.  At least Sirius/Leo never had to undergo 

Poor puppy!  My wishes for a speedy recovery.


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