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Hallie said...

> Anyone else struck by the answer to the question relating to what DWJ
> herself was reading?  "Pat Wrede, Lois McMaster Bujold and Tanya
> Huff".  I hadn't heard anything about Tanya Huff before, so it was
> fun to get a new rec.
Oh, Tanya Huff is cool.  I love her books!

> So anybody else read all of Tanya Huff already?  Or (like me) ordered
> _Sing the Four Quarters_?

Not all, and that one is one of the few I've not read.  Her vampire series
("Blood X") is very, very good; it's set in modern Toronto and involves a
vampire who is the bastard son of Henry VIII, an ex-cop turned PI with
retinitis pigmentosa (a degenerative eye condition), and a cop who is the
PI's ex-partner in (solving) crime.  The three of them investigate
supernatural mysteries (the first book has demon-summoning, the second has
werewolves, the third has a mummy/priest of a very nasty Egyptian god, the
fourth is a "Frankenstein" take and the fifth has ghosts).

Then there's "The Fire Stone", which is a stand-alone fantasy set in an
imaginary world, and makes me cry every time I read it.  The main characters
are a dissolute prince, his bride-to-be who is also a magician, and a thief.
The city is built around an active volcano, and the bad guy steals the
maguffin that's keeping the volcano in check...

The other two - bother!  I've forgotten the titles! - are about the last
ever wizard in the world they're set in, why she comes about, and what
happens to her after she wins the battle.  Very sweet and sad.  Lord Death
is a wonderful character.

Go read all of them; they're really, really good!

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