The things that go on in my homeland...

Nat Case ncase at
Thu Apr 12 13:52:19 EDT 2001

>  > Heh Philip, if that made you uneasy then you shouldn't look at this:
>Not half as uneasy as just walking around the town.  Glastonbury, 
>that is.  That
>place has a really opressively occult atmosphere.

Oh dear, I really don't want to get into a flamewar, Phillip, but I 
do want to point out that some of us are in fact right at home in 
that sort of "oppressively occult atmosphere." I enjoy mystical 
non-Christian  sites as much as Christian sites (Westminster Abbey is 
among my favorite places in England).

I'm not a devout New Ager (Quaker if you wan to know), but a lot of 
my friends are, and I have floated around the fringes of 
Neopagan/Wiccan circles for a while...heck, Morris dancers spend a 
lot of time being asked suspicious questions even when we ARE devout 
Christians --- even clergy. Last Midwest Ale we had a whole picnic 
party praying for our immortal souls in rural Minnesota, because they 
thought we must be some sort of pagan ritual. Didn't seem to help 
when we explained we just do this for fun. In any case, I can report 
it has just as many cranks (no more no less) as the Church in all its 
variety. In both cases, though, it is the Jerry Falwells and Aleister 
Crowleys who stick out.

And I think Glastonbury IS a bit over the top, but I enjoyed hanging 
out there for a day last time I was in the area ('97 I think, on a 
Morris tour, of course). And I think the Abbey grounds especially are 

Just a request we be mindful whose mindset we "diss" here. They don't 
burn witches or martyr Christians in most of the world anymore, but 
both are still pretty sore memories. Care is adviseable...


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