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Thu Apr 12 08:38:01 EDT 2001

Hi everybody,

Charmed Life and Magicians of Caprona are now out in Germany and a small
miracle has happend:

I like the covers!
that's Caprona

They are,  I have to admit very much German Harry Potter style (it's the
same publishing house, and I'll check if it's the same artist). But as
tehy are not drawm realistically, the get closer to the point than Mr.
Chin. The arched eyebrow is insteresting.

I thought the book called "Nine lives for the Enchanter" would be Lives
of Christopher Chant, but then I looked at the cover and thought, what's
that supoosed to be, there's no baby dragon in LoCC, and the Gateway...
Hmm, and then I ckecked in a bookstore and it is *not* LoCC but Charmed
Life! And I was *so* convinced that this with this title it would be

And the Caprona cover made me laugh: the baby! and the cat! Nice one...

Another interesting point: it says in both books that an "abridged
version" has been in print by another publishing house 1981
(respectively 1983): my old versions. The translators remain them same,
only in Caprona appears a another name, so I assume this person has done
the missing scenes. (I'd really like to know which scenes they cut out
in Caprona). But leafing through Charmed Life I had to find that the
Church scene is *still* missing! They've added the running away and
meeting Ms. Sharp, though.


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