Bad Language and Bookstores in Scotland

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Wed Apr 11 20:46:43 EDT 2001

Lizzie wrote
> Um. . . . St.Andrews, in Scotland <tenses out of habit>.  I was leaning
> toward Oxford 

Oxford, pah, its not all its cracked up to be. St Andrew's is much 
more the kind of place I'd recommend.

(like everybody else) but they aren't so great about letting
> you study more than one thing (and I'm a double major, so I have to have
> both English and religion classes) and I was too sick to get the
> application in, so I decided on St.Andrews.  I'm going to be a
> "Divine," that is, a student at the Divinity College there.  And whenever
> I tell people over here where I'm going, I get one of two reactions.  The
> first is, "Is that near Edinburgh?" (I think it's the one place in
> Scotland people can locate) and the other is "Oh, so you'll be going to
> school with that prince!" 


with the insinuation that *that's* why I'm
> going.  I guess that's because most people who have heard of St.Andrews
> over here heard about it because Prince William is going to be going
> there. . .

He seems a nice enough lad, but if his Dad's anything to go by he 
won't have much to do with people outside his own circle  -- not 
much chance of bumping into him in the laundrette. One of my 
lecturers was doing archaeology at Cambridge at the same time as 
Chas, apparently the only time they spoke was at a formal dinner, 
when Chas asked him to pass the salt (I mean thats in three years 
on the same course). If people keep insinuating things at you  just 
say you wouldn't have anything to do with a member of that ghastly 
family even if a tabloid newspaper offered you squillions................
Wills says Dwj better than Potter Shock? 
 though I "discovered" it when I first started looking, long
> before <cuts off rant>.  The only person who'd heard of the University in
> some other context was my baby brother, the jock, who made some comment
> about the golf course.  So.  Hope that, uh, answered your question
> :^).  Anybody know of any good bookstores in that area?  In that


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