A Sinister Subject

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Wed Apr 11 18:51:04 EDT 2001

- --- Anna Skarzynska <theania at freeuk.com> wrote:
> > One of my old friends in Poland was ambidextrous,
> > but with certain quirks.
> > She usually chose to write with her right hand,
> > although she was capable of
> > writing with either, but she drew with her left
> > hand.

and Elise said > That makes sense, though. The right side of the 
brain is, and I will say > this poorly, where the visual, spatial and 
imaginative functions are housed > - - and connects to the left side 
of the body. The left side of the brain > houses verbal skills and 
linear reasoning.  Perhaps a psych or neurology > person on the 
list can say more about the studies that have been done in > this 
area. > > Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is a good book 
touching upon this > topic. >

 Its funny you should mention this. I can't draw well at all right 
handed, but when I was housebound with a broken leg a few years 
ago I  experimented with some left hand drawing. I'd heard it could 
be effective because you are more likely to draw what you see than 
what you think you are seeing. My left hand was a bit wobbly so I 
did the drawings with a faint pencil then  tidied up the lines right 
handed. I ended up with some nice sketches of my old cat who 
spent a lot of time lolling about, keeping me company. Not brilliant, 
just nice, much better than anyhthing I've done right handed. 


You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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