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Wed Apr 11 11:09:31 EDT 2001

The second Magic Circle quartet is called The Circle Opens, and it does feel 
like it may be intended for a slightly older audience. Not much older, and 
perhaps not necessarily. But the characters are in their mid-teens and 
functioning as young adults. So the books' concerns will be those of somewhat 
older people.

The second of this quartet is "Street Magic" and just came out.

The third Tortall quartet is Protector of the Small. It follows the training 
of the second female knight of that kinddom. The lead character is a quite 
different personality type from Alana, and gets a somewhat different view of 
the process, in that she is openly training as a female candidate, with all 
the resistance and hostility that entails. The first two books are out, and 
the third is due for release within the next month or two.
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