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Wed Apr 11 04:45:33 EDT 2001

Paul Andinach schrieb:

> On Wed, 11 Apr 2001, Tanaqui wrote:
> > I always feel more shocked than Cat when Michael Saunders invokes
> > the Black Gentleman and makes our lad redo his essay: if he can
> > write legibly right- handed why not let him do that?
> Because he doesn't want to? The only reason he writes right-handed is
> because it's expected of him.

Yepp. And I had the impression that Michael is angry at the people who made
Cat write with is right hand and punished him, and is giving vent to this
annoyance. Not very good teaching style, but I can understand the anger.
Writing with my right hand feels very akward to me, although I can do it:
slowly, crampy, ugly...


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