A sinister topic

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Wed Apr 11 01:32:33 EDT 2001

After an outbreak of me-too left-handedness,
I'll be the first ambidexter (or ambisinister).

I find that it's not dead-equal, but that I tend to use one hand or another
for different classes of tasks, and when I write left-handed I tend to write
right -> left rather than the usual English way (I use a fountain pen and it
saves on smudges).

Left hand for mouse and right hand for RTN just feels so obvious.

I always feel more shocked than Cat when Michael Saunders invokes the Black
Gentleman and makes our lad redo his essay: if he can write legibly right-
handed why not let him do that? (of course, Cat is actually left-handed, but
Michael Saunders seems as unsympathetic as those who made him use his right
hand in the first place).
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