Hexwood and synchonicity (contains small spoilers)

Neil Ward neilward at dircon.co.uk
Wed Apr 11 00:26:28 EDT 2001

Hi everyone,

It’s absolutely ages since I last posted anything, mainly because I haven’t
had much time to read all the DWJ books I’ve been buying.  You must be
thinking, ‘how could he possibly resist several unread DWJ books sitting
right under his nose?’  Good question, but I won’t bore you with the
numerous distractions in my life, I’ll get to the point…

Some of you may recall me as a newbie (nearly a year ago now) who commented
on synchronicity in relation to DWJ’s books.  In other words, whenever I
read a new DWJ story, I was struck by some bizarre coincidence that was
personal to me.  Well, I have just finished “Hexwood” and there were
*several* points of synchronicity in this one: -

(1)    I started reading the book on 1st April.  Within the first two pages
was a reference to April Fool’s Day on earth.

(2)    Recently, I acquired a long scar on my left arm.  This appeared
mysteriously one morning and I have been at a loss to explain its cause.  It
seemed to heal and then it flared up again and it is still visible.  Shortly
after starting “Hexwood”, I acquired another scar, on my right knee, when I
caught my leg on the open CD-R tray of my computer.  This one was quite a
deep gash, about seven inches long.   Those of you who have read “Hexwood”
will recall that Mordion has a scar on his arm and Ann (Verrian) has one on
her knee; they mix the blood from these cuts to ‘create’ Hume.

(3)    A friend of mine had a fit of the giggles when I described something
as being indigo in colour.  Finally, I asked her why she kept laughing:
apparently, one of her friends had a habit of using pretentious names for
colours and would never choose anything as plain as red, blue, green or
purple.  Although indigo is a colour of the rainbow, that word in particular
reminded her of his habit.  Shortly after establishing indigo as a ‘hot
button’ I read it over and over again (in reference to Hume’s clothing) in

(4)    I was invited to attend the Grand National (horse race) last
Saturday, as Martell is a sponsor of my company.  They flew me up to Aintree
for the event and, whilst on the plane, I continued reading “Hexwood”.  I
had just reached the point in the story where the name Martellian is
mentioned.  Martell – Martellian?

Of course, these are all coincidences, and (3) in particular is probably an
example of word sensitisation rather than pure synchronicity.  By that, I
mean that I was only struck by the word ‘indigo’ because of the recent
discussion I’d had.  I would still argue that DWJ could have used the word
‘purple’ or ‘mauve’ rather than indigo :-).

Call me mad, but I think there is something spooky going on here.  There is
magic in the air, I tell you!  I don’t recall having similar experiences
with other books.  Am I looking for such things in DWJ’s books?   Am I
making something out of nothing?  I've asked this before, but has anyone had
similar experiences with books?


PS - I will comment on "Hexwood" as a book when I've got my thoughts
together and had a trawl through the archives.

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