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Ven ven at
Tue Apr 10 19:41:02 EDT 2001

> Hallie:
> |Now I'm really confused!  I couldn't think of two British B words 
> |which were perfectly acceptable in the US to start off with, and now 
> |that Ven's pointed out the two missing ones, I don't even know what 
> |the two were, acceptable or otherwise.  Bloody obviously is one of 
> |them - but what's the second/fourth?

> <Puts hands over Becca and Cara's eyes> I'd assumed it was "bollocks",
> although we do say "balls" too. It's quite interesting how many words for
> male genitals there are that are only a bit rude, and can be used as a
> friendly insult, whereas there are only a couple for female genitals and
> they are *bad* words.

Oops, I forgot those two, the one I meant was "bastard", which so 
long as its not being used in the literal sense of illegitemate, is 
pretty mild these days. A few years ago a Tory used this word to 
lambast his Labour opponent, by referring to her three children (all 
the product of the same, ongoing, unmarried, relationship) as her 
"bastards". What support he had crumbled completely, I guess 
he'd forgotten how many of "his" voters' grandchildren he was 
insulting by proxy

I picked up "terrible" bad language when working as an 
archaeologist. It has gone down over the years but when I was 
building a brick terrace in my garden and had to dig a deep hole it 
all came back to me. There's definitely something about labouring 
that brings it on.


You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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