bad language and bookstores in Scotland. . . :) (OT)

M Elizabeth Parks meparks at
Tue Apr 10 18:47:30 EDT 2001

> Hi Lizzie,

Hi, Liz!

> >
> > So may I ask. . . what does fanny mean in the non-US sense of the word?
> >
> Er, well, it's a euphemism for the female genitalia. So be careful next
> year!

O-oh.  <blinks as "Fanny Hill" suddenly takes on all new meaning>  Okay,
then.  Um, thank you!

> Where in the UK are you going to be next year?

Um. . . . St.Andrews, in Scotland <tenses out of habit>.  I was leaning
toward Oxford (like everybody else) but they aren't so great about letting
you study more than one thing (and I'm a double major, so I have to have
both English and religion classes) and I was too sick to get the
application in, so I decided on St.Andrews.  I'm going to be a
"Divine," that is, a student at the Divinity College there.  And whenever
I tell people over here where I'm going, I get one of two reactions.  The
first is, "Is that near Edinburgh?" (I think it's the one place in
Scotland people can locate) and the other is "Oh, so you'll be going to
school with that prince!" with the insinuation that *that's* why I'm
going.  I guess that's because most people who have heard of St.Andrews
over here heard about it because Prince William is going to be going
there. . . though I "discovered" it when I first started looking, long
before <cuts off rant>.  The only person who'd heard of the University in
some other context was my baby brother, the jock, who made some comment
about the golf course.  So.  Hope that, uh, answered your question
:^).  Anybody know of any good bookstores in that area?  In that
country?  Hemisphere?

Lizzie, who likes to plan vacations based on not landmarks or museums
or beaches but used bookstores (though don't
you think that it was all more fun before the Internet made it so
easy?  Sigh.  I'm really too young to be nostalgic. . . . . )

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