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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Tue Apr 10 18:17:21 EDT 2001


><Puts hands over Becca and Cara's eyes> I'd assumed it was "bollocks",
>although we do say "balls" too.

Right!  I'd just never heard that one in the States at all, so didn't 
connect it.  Heard it plenty here of course.

>It's quite interesting how many words for
>male genitals there are that are only a bit rude, and can be used as a
>friendly insult, whereas there are only a couple for female genitals and
>they are *bad* words.
>I'm trying to wean myself off really rude words as an everyday,
>stubbed-my-toe sort of thing in order to save them for when it's really
>necessary, like when Michael Portillo comes on the telly. I think "Arse!" a
>la Father Jack or the Fast Show sketch is quite useful (it can be both noun
>and verb, like f***).


When we moved to Ireland, our language was really clean as could be. 
Becca wasn't allowed to say "bloody", but invented "bloodibloomin" 
(one word and different spelling, according to Becca).  I gave her 
full credit for inventiveness, and only asked that she not use it in 
front of teachers or older relatives.  My mother and I became quite 
fond of bloodibloomin'.  Nice mouth sound or something.


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