Strange Charmed Life Reaction and bad language

M Elizabeth Parks meparks at
Mon Apr 9 22:53:56 EDT 2001

Curiously, my (20 year old) son doesn't swear in my hearing.  In fact, he
has *never* let fly near me, even when he put a fishhook through his thumb
at the age of 14. My (17 y-o) daughter is another story :-(  Since James
undoubtedly has a normal vocab when *away* from my orbit, I suppose one
might say he is being two-faced? Only of course I prefer to think he's
being kind...



well, I'll be twenty very soon (two weeks!  yahoo!  Does anyone else find
it amusing that I'll be spending next year abroad in the UK--spending my
twenty-first birthday in a country where the legal drinking age is
eighteen?) and I don't swear around my parents, either.  Only on very very
infrequent occasions, that is. . . it just doesn't seem right.  I don't
swear very much in general--just when I really feel upset or want to get a
point across.  I tend to say things like "darndedoodles" that are
half-joking instead. . . or to curse in Japanese.  There are some lovely
Japanese insults that one can pick up after watching only a small bit of
anime, and the best part is, my little brother has no idea what I'm
calling him. . . :^).

But then again I've always been rather--sheltered isn't quite the word,
because it's not something my parents forced upon me--I guess you could
say that I was reserved, which led to me sheltering myself.  So there are
words I just don't know, which has led to some interesting situations over
the years.  For example, the time a boy I had quite a crush on talked
about riding the white stallion--I asked if it was another series by
Walter Farley (of Black Stallion fame).  Turns out it was a euphemism for
cocaine. . . . that's one of my tamer anecdotes.

So may I ask. . . what does fanny mean in the non-US sense of the word?


I shall smite thee!

		Kuno-baby to Ranma
			"One Grew Over the Kuno's Nest"

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