Time of the Ghost - my questions on the ending

Liz Ottosson elizabethottosson at cableinet.co.uk
Mon Apr 9 16:14:34 EDT 2001

Thanks very much for all your responses - between you you covered everything
pretty thoroughly! I know I need to go back and reread it, but I think it'll
have to wait for a nice warm summer afternoon; the only time I seem to have
for reading at the moment is pretty late at night, and when I'm reading
something like TOTG late at night my thoughts start turning to stowing
knives under the bed, checking cupboards, that sort of thing. Not pleasant.

Just had to quote this from Ven:

>I think its terrifically good, but it is one of the hardest
>hitting without a doubt. Have you read the autobiography on the
>DWJ website, in that and in several interviews she says the family
>in this book is similar to her own -- except she left out some of the
>worst bits. Which makes   Time of the Ghost even more scary to
>my mind.

Cue sound of very large penny dropping in my head - thank you! All the way
through the early part of the book I was trying to remember why the girls'
situation sounded familiar, and of course, it is the DWJ autobiog. Now the
book itself starts making more sense - and becomes even more shocking, I

Liz O

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