Strange Charmed Life Reaction and bad language

Liz Ottosson elizabethottosson at
Mon Apr 9 15:31:17 EDT 2001

Sallyo wrote:

> We call 'em "bum-bags" ... or "belt-bags" if we're mealy-mouthed.

We say "bum bags" in the UK, as well.

> Curiously, my (20 year old) son doesn't swear in my hearing.  In fact, he
> has *never* let fly near me, even when he put a fishhook through his thumb
> at the age of 14. My (17 y-o) daughter is another story :-(  Since James
> undoubtedly has a normal vocab when *away* from my orbit, I suppose one
> might say he is being two-faced? Only of course I prefer to think
> he's just
> being kind...

Surely it's not that unusual to moderate your language around your elders
and betters? :-) I certainly don't swear in the presence of my parents *at
all* (but then, I heard my mother say "Damn" for the first time in my life
last week). As far as I am aware, most of us constantly adapt the language
we use to whoever we are interacting with. It's part of the language
assimilation process. So no, I don't consider it to be two-faced. Just
something we do relatively unconsciously. There, you can still respect him

Liz O

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