Strange Charmed Life Reaction and bad language

Kyla Tornheim kyla at
Mon Apr 9 14:13:03 EDT 2001

On Tue, 10 Apr 2001, Sally Odgers wrote:
> Curiously, my (20 year old) son doesn't swear in my hearing.  In fact, he
> has *never* let fly near me, even when he put a fishhook through his thumb
> at the age of 14. My (17 y-o) daughter is another story :-(  Since James
> undoubtedly has a normal vocab when *away* from my orbit, I suppose one
> might say he is being two-faced? Only of course I prefer to think he's just
> being kind...
I wouldn't so much call it two-faced...he's not being *deceptive*--if you
asked him if he swore, he'd presumably tell you the truth.

I personally have a rather bad mouth when I'm at school and surrounded by
other foul-mouthed people; I had a problem when I went straight from
school to a cousin's bat mitzvah, and was suddenly surrounded by people
with an average age of 12 instead of 20. There was much belated censoring
of myself. I did realize, though, that if I try not to swear so much my
vocabulary gets better. It's more fun when one has to put together a whole
string of words like "bad, evil, nasty, horrid" to get the same point
across as f***ing.

I also like "purple spotted dalmations." :^)

People usually get what's coming to them...unless it's 
been mailed.

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