Strange Charmed Life Reaction

Nat Case ncase at
Mon Apr 9 13:59:25 EDT 2001

>Could anyone mail me the p-, n-, whatever word privately and tell me 
>what it can
>mean? I'm clueless, but I'd like to see what the German translation did to it.
>It's very hard for a non native speaker to try and not offend. The Canadian
>found my "going to the bathroom" funny, too. But I though better sound strange
>that rude.
>  I'm suddelny afraid I might be using terribly words without knowing. "Drat!"
>:-) (or would that maybe "shoot"... )

Perhaps you could confirm, Bettina, that in German "Neger" is not an 
offensive term, but is more like "black" in America: no longer the 
most politically-correct term (I think that's "African-American" 
here), but still basically acceptable, especially if you don't want 
to sound too politically correct. I was greatly taken aback by 
hearing the word used casually in Austria about 17 years ago, and 
found it very hard to make myself use the word casually, it being so 
close to the most hated ethnic derogative in English, both in the UK 
and US (I understand the situation is somewhat different in 
Australia, right?).

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