Stammering was re the Weakness of Nine Lived Enchanters and Re A Sinister Subject

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Mon Apr 9 12:53:52 EDT 2001

I'm catching up on almost a week's worth of posts that accumulated while I 
was away. I just wanted to say to Ven that this description of stammering 
reminds me a lot of an article I read recently in the "New Yorker" about a 
little known disorder that affects some people, and can be just as socially 
crippling as stammering: hair-trigger blushing. And like stammering, it's a 
condition that seems to feed on itself, so that people who tend to blush for 
no reason start blushing because they are aware that they have a tendency to 
blush - I imagine that stammering makes you equally self conscious, and 
therefore tense, and therefore more prone to stammer...

I stammer just enough to know what it feels like to stammer (like being a 
skipping record. My thoughts race on and I actually need to stop them and 
think of something else if I want the words to leave my mouth) without, I 
think, anyone else noticing that I occasionally do this.
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