Strange Charmed Life Reaction and bad language

Bill Edminster bedminst at
Sun Apr 8 12:38:57 EDT 2001

  Although I have not been in every bathroom in the US, I've never run across an
American "room with a bath" that didn't also have a toilet in it.  It was
disconcerting to go to the UK and find that that the hotel had rooms devoted to
the bath.  We don't use bathroom to avoid saying toilet or whatever, we just
don't notice the distinction these days.

Sally Odgers wrote:

>  We go to the lavatory/loo (posh) or the
> >toilet (not posh), or just the bog (I read somewhere it's acceptable in the
> >circles where toilet is not
> In Aus we say loo/toilet or sh*thouse (vulgar). Or, we "go and have a ***".
> We use the bathroom to have a bath or shower.

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