Power of Three ending (spoilers) (was: RE: Tea)

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Sun Apr 8 11:37:23 EDT 2001

Philip.Belben at powertech.co.uk wrote:

> > spoilers for (and confusion about) the end of "power of three"

> The Thought made Gair offer himself as a sacrifice.
> I don't know why he is solemn.  In fact, is he still solemn after deciding not
> to punish Ceri for the Thought?

Mmmh. I've never seen it that way. But after my discovery of the Missing Scenes in
Charmed Life, this might be due to the German translation.

In my version, Gair is very happy, and wonders why his happiness
("Glückseligkeit", a rather oldfashioned word - "blissfulness" my dictionary
suggests) won't end. And then he sees Ceri, who is the only one looking earnest
and concentrating hard, and realises his brother sent him a thought. Which I
understood - in this context - to be "neverending bliss" :-) And it says
explicitly, that Gair changed his mind (about punishing Ceri) "because it was a
very beautiful tought"  - which offering himself as sacrifice wouldn't exaclty be.
I also was under the impression that Gair made that decision himself. If he was
"forced" to do it, it would diminish the power of his offer.


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