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Sat Apr 7 12:24:46 EDT 2001

I loved _Sabriel_ (and its sequel, _Lirael_, which I've just finished
reading) and a good friend of mine who didn't enjoy it asked me just this
question. "What did you like about it?", she asked. At the time I couldn't
think of a reply, but now I can. I'd better warn people who haven't read it
that there are mild spoilers here.


I very much enjoyed the beginning of the novel when Sabriel is in boarding
school--it had a similar feel to _A College of Magics_ to me, though of
course the differences are great. I liked the concept of a non-magical land
being right next door to a magical one; I thought the concept of necromancy,
the Abhorsens, and the bells and their individual sounds/powers highly
original and gripping, and the way Death is depicted, the water and the
Gates, really spooky and unusual. And I liked the relationship between
Sabriel and her father, and the concept of Mogget. I thought Sabriel was
convincingly depicted as an eighteen-year-old girl. In fact, I liked the
whole feel of the book; and as I said, I found the ideas it uses quite
unique. It gripped me immediately and I couldn't put it down. I knew
straight away that it was going to be one of those books that follow you
everywhere in some way. I still don't understand how my friend, whose taste
and my own are so similar, could not have enjoyed it.

I couldn't put _Lirael_ down, either. It was scary and evocative, like

Well, does that make anyone feel like giving it another go? ;-)


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