Strange Charmed Life Reaction

Jacob Proffitt Jacob at
Sat Apr 7 12:20:28 EDT 2001

On Sat, 7 Apr 2001 01:58:19 +0100, Ven wrote:

>Finally all UK Buffy fans are highly amused at the number of dodgy 
>slang terms that Anthony Head and Whozit that plays Spike put in. 
>Can I presume the US censors don't know what they mean?

This is kind of the reverse of what you just described.  Certain British
cuss words seem quite mild in the US.  Americans just aren't generally aware
of how serious they are in the UK so the connotation is different.  Both
British B words (I hesitate to name them because of so many of you are in
the UK), for example, are perfectly acceptable even in polite society here
and occasion little or no comment.  I watched Notting Hill the other day and
noticed that under British sensibility, the Hugh Grant character was really
quite vulgar.  But to a US audience, he'd be very mild indeed.

Jacob Proffitt
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