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Anita Graham amgraham at cygnus.uwa.edu.au
Fri Apr 6 06:04:03 EDT 2001

>> And for a little DWJ:  I found a brand new, non ex library
> hardcover copy
> of _Eight Days of Luke_ at a public library sale today.  Cost
> me $1.00  I
> also got a looks-unread hardcover of Bujold's _A Civil
> Campaign_ also for
> $1.00.  Do you ever wonder sometimes why people get rid of
> the books they
> do?  I think you can tell a lot about some people from their
> libraries.  I
> read somewhere (in a mystery novel perhaps) about how police
> were going to
> check a suspect's library record to see what books he'd
> checked out and
> create a psychological profile.  Interesting.  I wonder what kind of
> profile they'd come up with for me?

This happens in Komarr, the book before A Civil Campaign!

(Oh, and I bought spare copies of "The Four Grannies" and Margaret Mahy's
"The Changeover" today, assuming that someone on this list would like them.
Any takers? Both are pb, and I will send them for the cost of postage, from

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