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Ven ven at vvcrane.fsnet.co.uk
Fri Apr 6 22:57:45 EDT 2001

> On Sat, 7 Apr 2001, Ven wrote:
> > Finally all UK Buffy fans are highly amused at the number of dodgy 
> > slang terms that Anthony Head and Whozit that plays Spike put in. 
> > Can I presume the US censors don't know what they mean?

> Probably not--what are you talking about? (You can reinsert the spoiler
> space if you think people will be offended.)

It should be OK as there is a pre 9p.m watershed showing. The 
terms I can remember are bugger, wanker and ponce. Oh and 
Giles says "Bloody hell" rather a lot.  


Bugger, wanker and ponce, respectively, sodomite, masturbater 
and pimp, or one who dresses/puts on airs like a pimp (especially 
in the form poncy), or one who, like a pimp has no real bottle, um 
courage. And bloody is "a low colloquial intensive."  Hell, I take it 
needs no translation. Just to give a bit of context my dear old Mum 
used to say "bugger" in moments of great stress but she didn't like 
me saying "damn".

 The funny thing, though, is
> that James Marsters, who plays Spike, is American--he modeled the accent
> after a North Londoner (I think) he was in a play with when he
> auditioned. So it must be that either the writers put stuff in, or Anthony
> Stewart Head has much fun suggesting things that Spike should say,
> particularly because his actual accent sounds much more like Spike's than
> Giles's...

I had no idea James Marsters is American, he's very good at the 
accent, and the look,  but I must look to see if his teeth are too 
perfect :-). From what people say he and Anthony Head do work 
stuff out together. Btw I just can't put the Stewart into his name, 
maybe because his brother, Murray Head, used to be the better 
known here (he was on the original Jesus Christ Superstar album, 
as Judas).   

Deborah, I hope this degree of frankness is OK. Just some purple 
an orange language..................................

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