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Fri Apr 6 22:21:21 EDT 2001

                                                 A      BIG SPOILER SPACE

Erin wrote 
> Not only that, the whole magic theme is very complicated, and nothing comes
> free.  The magical boats in the Liveship books seem wonderful, the perfect
> magical servants of mankind, and then later you find out how very wrong
> that human bias is.  And then there are the dragons of the Six Duchies and
> how they come to be....

A while back I wrote about my distrust of the willing servant races 
some writers create, especially of the adoring magic companion 
type. That's just what the Liveships seem to be at first, and the 
truth about them is horrifying. Although Hobb ameliorates it later, 
with what can only be described as an artificial intelligence 
argument, Vivacia's realisation that she is a dead thing is truly 
tragic. There's a similar theme in the relationships Fitz has with the 
animals he is wit-bonded to. He has to accept a certain 
responsibility toward the animal and eventually he has to accept 
Nighteyes as an adult partner, with his own agenda, not something 
that has to be mastered.


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