Time of The Ghost, with spoilers and questions on the ending

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I said

>  Hmm, I always thought Sally mapped better onto Dwj. My evidence 
> > for this is purely circumstantial, Diana = the Roman name for 
> > Artemis, the moon goddess, Selina = selene, greek word for the 
> > moon. TOG is dedicated to a friend called "Hat", who, on the 
> > similarity of names I assumed was Cart. However I suspect soem 
> > mix and match between the characters, as it is fiction after all. 

then Kyla wrote 
> Clever about the names, Ven. I hadn't thought of that, and I'm obsessed
> with names.

Thanks Kyla,

> My opinion, though, formed when I read that DWJ had two sisters, not
> three, was that Cart and Sally, as the oldest two, were *both* DWJ. Cart
> makes clothes for her sisters as DWJ did and gets the horrible comment
> from Phyllis that she "has all the brains and none of the looks in the
> family," which sounds like DWJ's mother's terming her ugly and assuming
> that she's the one who will go to school (although mother says she'll
> fail. What a horrible woman! Bits of her definitely got put into Amanda
> and Zillah's mother, and Aunt Maria. Gah!)

That's sort of what I meant about mix and match. I felt she must 
have put some of her friend in, in order to have enough character for 
two people. I've no evidence of course and it does make sense to 
regard Cart as Dwj's put upon having to be mature and look after 
her sisters mode. However what I've just remembered is the 
conversations Sally and Cart had, like the one where they 
wondered how they'd ever become like the grown up girls they saw 
and that's where I got the idea that she had put her friend Hat into 
the book.     

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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