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Fri Apr 6 14:33:21 EDT 2001

On Thu, 05 Apr 2001 16:39:13 -0400, Erin McMullin wrote:
>ummm... I didn't like Sabriel much... Felt very flat to me, and not very
>well thought out.  Can't remember why exactly right now, because I read it
>over a year ago (I picked it up because of the cover art - ahh... you must
>be learning that cover art is what gets me to pick up a book, even though I
>KNOW there are many good books with bad art, bad books with good art, out
>there.  Can't help it, drawn by the pictures /lol/)
>Can anyone convince me to give it another try? 

Well, um, WE all really liked it...good enough?  No?  :)

Seriously--I don't know that in re-reading it, you'll like it any better.
But if it's been a year and you can't remember exactly why, that might be a
good reason to pick it up again.  At the very least, you could figure out
why you disliked it and start a really good debate here.  (Hmmm, I don't
know how appealing that really is.  I know I certainly don't have time to
debate people who insist on challenging my opinions, and you know who you

For my part, I liked the ambiance more than any other part of the story; in
fact, I can't remember what I *liked* about the story other than the general
mood of it.  So we're actually in the same boat, if at opposite ends.

Melissa Proffitt
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