STRANGE Charmed Life Reaction

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Apr 6 04:03:56 EDT 2001

>I just wanna see if anyone else finds this as strange as I do--I think I
>may have gotten a rather strange reaction to Charmed Life from a friend of
>mine the other day.
>Okay, so here's my strange story.  Like many of you, I pushed a friend to
>read CL.  She finished it--rather quickly, especially for her--and I asked
>her what she thought.  Her reply is going to be after a long bit of
>space--please don't read if you're underage.

Daft.  Just plain daft!  If there were some conceivable context - oh 
yeah, Melissa said that already.  That lot wanted to take over the 
world just then, not stop for an orgy.

Thanks for the "underage" space though, Lizzie.  I certainly didn't 
mind Becca reading it, but it was thoughtful of you consider the 
varying age etc. levels of listees.  (I wouldn't particularly have 
wanted to explain it to Cara, for example, partly as she is fed to 
the back teeth with all the sniggery smutty interpretations of 
everything in her class.)


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