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Thu Apr 5 18:25:11 EDT 2001

>Helen wrote:
>In a message dated 4/4/2001 3:27:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Nat Case writes:
>>  I have a speech impediment that can get pretty bad.
>It can't be THAT bad, or I wouldn't have forgotten it. Now that I think about
>it, I can remember you stammering a *bit* on occasion, but reading this
>thread, I certainly never said, "oh, yes, just like Nat."

It comes and goes. It's been worse the last five years or so, and 
it'll probably fade away more sometimes. I recall it wasn't bad at 
all in college. I think some of it has to do with whether I'm 
subtextually having to watch myself or not. In college I felt pretty 
comfortable being just as weird as I wanted, and unfortunately there 
are limits to how much you can get away with that out in the wider 

>He's also the person who introduced my husband and me -- well, Nat's heard
>this story, but the rest of you haven't.

And I had forgotten.

N-n-n-n-nat C-c-case

(There was an old man from Calcutta
Who had a most terrible stutter
He said "P-p-please,
Pass the ch-ch-ch-cheese
and the b-b-b-b-b-b-butter")
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