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In a message dated 4/4/2001 3:27:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Nat Case writes:

> I have a speech impediment that can get pretty bad.

It can't be THAT bad, or I wouldn't have forgotten it. Now that I think about 
it, I can remember you stammering a *bit* on occasion, but reading this 
thread, I certainly never said, "oh, yes, just like Nat." I *did* think it 
sounded just like one of my old German teachers, Lindsay Heather, who managed 
to live with his very severe stammer by making it completely charming -- I 
never got tired of listening to him, even when he was speaking German and 
eating his lunch at the same time. He was also a fine baritone, and sang 
professionally (still does, as far as I know).

He's also the person who introduced my husband and me -- well, Nat's heard 
this story, but the rest of you haven't. I was at a concert of the amateur 
choir Lindsay Heather used to conduct, and at the interval he came down the 
aisle to speak to me and said, "Helen, one of my ssssssingers would like to 
be int-int-int-introduced to you. Mmmmmay I do that?" I said um, uh, glub, 
bug, uh, Sure. And spent the rest of the concert staring at the singers 
wondering WHO IT WAS. Got it narrowed down to the tall dark guy and the short 
blond guy, and said to myself, Ooh, I hope it's the tall dark guy. It was :)

Helen Schinske
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