was Charles DeLint (OT)) Oaks?

Sarah Imholt mesarahkanah at netzero.net
Wed Apr 4 22:39:17 EDT 2001

Paul Andinach wrote:

> On Tue, 3 Apr 2001, Sarah Imholt wrote:
> > My favorite urban fantasy is Emma Bull's WAR FOR THE OAKS, which is
> > actually being reprinted v. soon.
> Could you, perhaps, explain what the oaks have to do with anything?

>From what I recall, and I have only read it once at my old home library, so
someone please correct me if I'm wrong, there's a battle involving the Queen
of Fairy/Faery and a group of others for a park-type area, hence the Oaks.
Whew--I think I've been reading too much Robin McKinley myself...

I really need to read it again!  Amazon says a new printing is coming out in
July.  I think it has been out of print for some time--the last date I can
find is 1987.


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