Time of the Ghost - Spoilers, questions on the ending

Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Wed Apr 4 18:26:32 EDT 2001

On Tue, 3 Apr 2001 03:52:06 -0400 (EDT), Kyra Jucovy wrote:

>	I think everyone else has given great ideas about Imo's sacrifice - and
>Melissa, you just came up with some things I'd never thought about before,
>too, so thanks.  

I'm coming up with things *I* never thought of before either....

>Really I just want to add something else - this has
>always been my absolute favorite part of the book, that it could and had
>to be Imo and not Sally.  Because, of course, it's part of that truly
>wonderful way DWJ has with writing about families that a sister could
>give a sacrifice to save her sister like that. 

I think this is the reason I love this book so much.  The sisters'
relationships, the family thing...they argue, and they have favorites, and
when it all comes falling apart we see that they really do love each other.
Even if they might not *like* each other very much.

>	Then, of course, the book is dedicated to Isobel.  And from the
>autobiography, Isobel is clearly the model for Imo.  Somehow it makes ToG
>fifty times better for me to learn that she became one of the first female
>professors in England.  I find it so immensely relieving ;-).

It is, and it probably shouldn't be.  :)  But I can't help mapping the
reality of Isobel onto the fictional life of Imogen.  As though it's the
fulfilment of Imogen's great potential...because the book ends with Sally
thinking something like "she's not drab anymore, and who knows what she'll
do with her life, but it's going to be something magnificent."  And I like
Imogen best of the sisters.  (Fenella kind of reminds me of my mother's
youngest sister, the one who could get round her parents the best, and
physically they're similar too.)

Have we talked about whether any of us have known a DWJ character in real
life?  I think I remember someone having seen Morton Leroy somewhere.

Melissa Proffitt
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