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Wed Apr 4 18:14:11 EDT 2001

On Sat, 31 Mar 2001 22:42:47 +0200, Bodil Gram wrote:

>Unlike Gili (was it last summer?), I did not need to ask the British
>members of the list about the sherbet lemons in Harry Potter #1, Laura
>Mason solved that problem for me with a whole chapter devoted to the very
>prolific descendants from an old Middle Eastern variety of softdrink called
>"sharbat" in Arabic. Sharbat was sweetened and spiced rose water or fruit
>juice. The sugar and spices were often kept in dry, pressed "cakes", ready
>to use when you dissolved it into water.

This has just cleared up a mystery for me.  I recently read a book about
Shahrazad by Susan Fletcher called _Shadow Spinner_ (I think that was it)
and they were all constantly eating sharbat.  I thought it was the modern
"sherbet" (frozen dessert) and couldn't figure out how they were keeping it
from melting all over the place.  :)

Melissa Proffitt
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