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Nat said...
> How about Diane Duane's books. The alternate NYC in SO YOU WANT TO BE
> A WIZARD is one of my favorite nightmare landscapes.

Ooh, yes, that's lovely!
> When I was in grade school, I wanted a term to describe stories where
> everyday people from our world fall down the rabbit hole, have
> strangers hand them Symbols, or otherwise find them working in an
> extraordinary world, either a different world or a hidden one under
> our own. I never found a really satisfactory term, but "real-life
> fantasy" was my own shorthand for Penelope Farmer, Jones, Mahy, etc.
> In asking around if others had a term for this slice of the fantasy
> world, "urban fantasy" was one of the options that came up, along
> with "contemporary fantasy." Neither really satisfies me, because for
> me the thing I love is when the ordinary bumps into the extraordinary.
> Anyone else have a term for this kind of story?
I've heard it described as "magic realism".  But then I've heard "magic
realism" defined differently, as well, so who knows?

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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