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Jennifer said...

> obDWJ: speaking of bakeries, does anyone know if the
> "cream cakes" of Howl's Moving Castle actually exist?
> Jenwa
> --
> Oh yes. At most bakeries you can get various kinds, from small buns in
> several flavours with a filling of sweetened whipped cream, to the kind
> which is (I think) what Michael buys, which are layer cakes filled and/or
> topped with whipped cream (possibly also with jam) rather than
> icing/frosting/buttercream/whatever cakes are normally filled and topped
> with. (I would usually think of "a cream cake" as quite small, a few bites
> worth, but she seems to mean a full-size cake.)

I always think of the cake that Michael buys as being a birthday-type sponge
cake with cream filling and fancy icing on top (wasn't there something about
it being decorated wit silver balls or such?).  On the other hand, what
Letty gives Sophie when Sophie first visits her in the bakery is, I think,
one of those things made of light, flaky pastry and filled with cream; that
one would be maybe half-a-dozen bites (depending, of course, on how greedy
you are!).

> We seem to have between us come up with lots of definitions of things in
> DWJ's books, like treacle and sherbert lemons and so on. Is there any way
> could do a DWJ annotations list?

Ooh, that would be fun!  But how would we figure out which bits people need

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