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Wed Apr 4 15:08:13 EDT 2001

>On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, Sally Odgers wrote:
>>  Is it true that people with stammers/stutters can *sing* without being
>>  affected?
>Some people can. I used to have a friend in high school with a really
>disabling stammer, who could sing with no problems at all. In fact
>she was lead soprano in the school choir (which is how we became
>friends; I was the only alto who turned up at rehearsals for a
>    Irina

I have a speech impediment that can get pretty bad. I can sing no 
problem though, and I can also act on stage without a hitch. It's 
when I have to improvise I get into trouble, although speaking in the 
voice of some exotic over-the-top character seems to make it go away. 
When I have a really awful pun/shaggy dog joke it's at its worse. It 
has something to do with anticipation for me: I'm looking for a 
reaction and worried about it at the same time as I'm trying to 
trigger it.

Sometimes when I'm really frustrated I give myself a tap on the head 
to knock the words loose :-)

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