Urban fantasy(was Charles DeLint (OT))

Anna Skarzynska theania at freeuk.com
Wed Apr 4 12:09:28 EDT 2001

Philip, about my recollection of Downtown:
> This sounds just like the book I was thinking of!  I don't remember the
> but there was a taxi that kept metamorphosing depending on the period of
> various period settings in the fantasy world.  Does this tally with your
I'm afraid I can't remember the taxi.

> Sorry, never heard of Neverwhere.  What is it - TV?  Film?  Something
It was a series in six half-hourly parts, scripted by Neil Gaiman, made by
BBC and broadcast by BBC2 a few years ago. Tanaqui mentioned being one of
the extras. I have it on video, taped from TV, and am willing to lend it if
you swear solemnly to return it promptly. Mail me off-list if you're

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