Urban fantasy(was Charles DeLint (OT))

Sarah Imholt mesarahkanah at netzero.net
Wed Apr 4 02:19:57 EDT 2001

Breaking the silence...

Anna Skarzynska wrote:

> This made me think of a book called Downtown, by someone whose name I can't
> remember. It was brilliant, though. Two successive copies of it have gone
> walkabouts so far... Maybe I'll get another one in a charity shop again. But
> I digress. It was an urban fantasy, with a subterranean "otherworld", set in
> NY, and there was some threat from developers, possibly to Central Park. The
> tube (or rather, subway) train was like a black metal monster,

>I checked Amazon.com and it's by Viido Polikarpus and Tappan King.

This reminded me of a really cool YA-type book called DOWNSIDERS by Neal
Shusterman.  It's about a civilization that has developed under the streets of
New York, in old subway stations and tunnels and sewers.  I read it by chance
right after NEVERWHERE and recently read it aloud to my sixth grade class.  It's
not similar to Gaiman's,  just also set in the underground.  Your description of
DOWNTOWN sounds awfully like the plot of DOWNSIDERS, but DOWNSIDERS has no
fantasy elements whatsoever, and I don't consider it urban fan.  It has a little
romance stringing through it, though.

I'll definitely try to find DOWNTOWN--sounds really interesting!

My favorite urban fantasy is Emma Bull's WAR FOR THE OAKS, which is actually
being reprinted v. soon.

Sarah of Oregon
(Silent no more...and incidentally, just returned from Powell's--sorry Melissa)

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