Time of the Ghost, spoilers, questions on the ending

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Tue Apr 3 21:13:07 EDT 2001

Melissa wrote

> Anything else?  See what I mean about mining DWJ's books more deeply each
> time?  :)

Well I thought I agreed with Philip, then I read Melissa's 
contribution ............ And I'm sure that if I could just hunt TOG out 
from where its evidently hiding with the feral books I'd know what 
Ithink too .................'  

The question I'm asking myself is what happened to the Monigan 
doll. Didn't someone give it as a sacrifice and someone else 
(Julian?) retrieve it? I remember the mother finding it on the drive 
and then bringing it to Sally in hospital and I'm sure its significant. 
Can anyone help!  

I liked Melissa's explanation of what was happening with time. 
Walter Jon William's "Days of Atonement" uses this. it's a techno 
thriller which starts when a dying man crashes his car into a police 
station. Only the Police Chief remembers pulling the same man, at 
the same age, out of the same car twenty years before  and he 
was stone dead that time. I've always thought of it as the  
Schroedinger's coffin story.  

While I was scouting among the feral books I did come across 
Margaret Mahy's "The Other Side of Silence" I've been waiting in 
vain for someone to mention this as I couldn't remember the title. 
I'm putting this here rahter than under the Margaret Mahy thread 
because I think its about equal to TOG in scariness, and being 
genuinely upsetting. It's about a girl, Hero, who is an "elective 
mute", she has simply stopped talking, except occasionly to one 
of her brothers. And her Mother is a famous author of books on 
how to raise the perfect family -- and Hero's silence is only one 
reason why they aren't perfect any more. Then Hero gets involved 
with an eccentric old woman and I'll have to stop before I'm in 
spoiler land. I thought it was very good but not a good read when 
one's feeling sensitive.


You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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