Margaret Mahy

Erin McMullin erm8 at
Tue Apr 3 17:24:21 EDT 2001

Oh my - three emails in one day  - an absolute deluge!  By way of
explanation - I've been sorting through my DWJ inbox while waiting for a
slow program to do its work.  

I was so happy to see the name Mahy in the back-emails!  When I was about
12 I found Changeover in the back (undersized, uncomfortable) corner of the
library reserved for "Young Adult" books.  I went back to those shelves at
least 50 times over the next six years looking for any other book by her,
and, never finding any, assumed she'd only written one (amazing) book.  And
now I've just searched for her on the Web, and have her page open next to
this email!  So many books!  

Now the problem is.... where do I find them??  I seem to have a habit of
living in places which are very strongly biased against books with odd and
unforgivable words like "colour" and "queue"....

stuck in central Pennsylvania
where the only non-American books allowed seem to be dusty covered, yellow
paged "Classics".

At 12:41 PM 3/26/01, Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:
>"Changeover" was the first, I had been looking for it for a while because it 
>was recommended on this list; and then the following week I happened to see 
>a copy of "Aliens in the Family" in a used bookstore. I liked "Changeover" 
>better. Now I'm looking for "The Haunting" which also came recommended... 
>and I guess I should add "The Tricksters" to my list as you recommend it!
>>out of curiosity, which Margaret Mahy books?
>>i particularly like The Tricksters and The
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