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Tue Apr 3 16:54:20 EDT 2001

While I'm feeling so uncharacteristically communicative.... Has this list
discussed Robin Hobb yet?  I first saw her books while working in a book
store, and I dismissed them as silly fantasy novels based on title and
cover art alone.  WRONG.  I finally picked one up last fall (five years
after the bookstore) and read all 850 pages in on weekend reading-orgy.
Interesting, imperfect characters who change and grow over the course of
the two trilogies.  Imagine that!  And no simple Hero Saves All plotlines,
either.  The Bad aren't simply evil, the Good aren't always right.... wow.

I've had a number of people recommend Connie Willis to me, and after seeing
her name yet again on this list, I think I'll finally make a point of
finding her.


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