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On Tue, 3 Apr 2001 17:48:59 +0100, Philip.Belben at wrote:

>To me, "urban fantasy" means that the fantasy world system (there's probably a
>term for this, but I don't know it) depends on the city.  Like, say, Our Lady of
>Darkness by Fritz Leiber.  There's another example I'm thinking of, but I can't
>remember author or title.  Suffice it to say that New York City mapped onto the
>fantasy world, and the fantasy world was under threat from development projects
>in NYC.

Sorry, that's not my definition of Urban Fantasy at all.  Urban is the
setting, Fantasy is the elements that contrast to the setting.  Urban
Fantasy is elves living in a homeless shelter or the Oak King opening an art
gallery.  It is flights of fancy set in a technologized world.  It has
nothing to do with anthropomophing the city itself.  At least in my

Jacob Proffitt
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