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Tue Apr 3 12:48:59 EDT 2001

Jacob, quoting Emma, although I could have picked practically any of the posts
on this subject:

>>I was just wondering if anyone on this list liked Charles DeLint's books?
> Oh yeah.  I *love* Charles DeLint.  I prefer his short stories.  I think he
> is better in the short story format.  His novels lose some of that tight
> focus that brings his stories such clarity.  I can't claim that I read all
> his books or that I plan to (they can be awful heavy), but I certainly enjoy
> DeLint in moody doses.  He's one of the true masters of Urban Fantasy.
> Perhaps the Grand Master.

Well.  Yes, I do read and enjoy CdL.  But apart from that, I'm afraid I am going
to disagree with practically everyone who has posted on the subject...

First CdL I read was The Little Country.  This is an excellent book, and I would
heartily recommend it.

I then read Memory and Dream.  So far, that's the only de Lint I don't really
like.  Good book, but strays too far over the border from fantasy to horror for
me, I'm afraid.

I haven't encountered his short stories yet - I have also read (so far)
Moonheart and Mulengro, and Someplace to be Flying is waiting beside my bed.  I
have looked for (but not found) Jack the Giant Killer.

Urban fantasy?  Yes, what I've read is contemporary fantasy, and some of the
books have urban elements.  But I wouldn't describe anything I've read of his as
"urban fantasy" - even the building in Moonheart formed the gateway quite
independently of its urban setting.  I am perhaps using a narrower definition of
urban fantasy, though.

To me, "urban fantasy" means that the fantasy world system (there's probably a
term for this, but I don't know it) depends on the city.  Like, say, Our Lady of
Darkness by Fritz Leiber.  There's another example I'm thinking of, but I can't
remember author or title.  Suffice it to say that New York City mapped onto the
fantasy world, and the fantasy world was under threat from development projects
in NYC.

Does CdL write urban fantasy by my definition?   Could anyone suggest titles?


PS CdL is Canadian.  Does he pronounce his name the French way or the English
way?  I've always pronounced it the English way, but if anyone knows for

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