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Tue Apr 3 09:56:24 EDT 2001

obDWJ: speaking of bakeries, does anyone know if the
"cream cakes" of Howl's Moving Castle actually exist?

Oh yes. At most bakeries you can get various kinds, from small buns in
several flavours with a filling of sweetened whipped cream, to the kind
which is (I think) what Michael buys, which are layer cakes filled and/or
topped with whipped cream (possibly also with jam) rather than
icing/frosting/buttercream/whatever cakes are normally filled and topped
with. (I would usually think of "a cream cake" as quite small, a few bites
worth, but she seems to mean a full-size cake.) Fay Weldon did an
advertising slogan for them (for some bakers' organisation, I assume) when
she worked in advertising, which was "Naughty But Nice". (Unless it was
Salman Rushdie, but I think he did "Go To Work On An Egg".)

We seem to have between us come up with lots of definitions of things in
DWJ's books, like treacle and sherbert lemons and so on. Is there any way we
could do a DWJ annotations list? (Not just for food, but expanding on stuff
that might be puzzling or one might miss, where knowing it adds something to
the pleasure. Eg when I read Donne, partly because of "Go and catch a
falling star" from Howl, I also found that when Howl says "Busy old fool,
unruly Sophie" he's mangling "Busy old fool, unruly sun[/Why dost thou
thus/Through windows and through curtains shine on us].)
Someone would need to go through the archives to find definitions, and also
pounce on new ones as they appear, and someone would need to host them on a
webpage. I could do the first (though probably very slowly) but not host
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