Vivien Lee (was Re: bagels)

Melissa Proffitt Melissa at
Tue Apr 3 01:24:57 EDT 2001

Lizzie wrote:

>> always felt a bit bad for little Vivien--sure, she
>> was very much a brat,
>> but she was also a little girl just sort of dumped
>> into ancient China--I
>> can think of twenty horrible things that could
>> happen to her off the top
>> of my head, and all of them are more likely than any
>> pleasant alternative.

and Jenwa said:

>well, my impression is that she was dumped
>specifically into one of the extremely boring time
>periods of Ancient China, and while certainly lots of
>bad things *could* happen to her, it seems far more
>likely that simply mediocre things would, like being
>found by simple peasants and standing in rice paddies
>with water buffalo for the rest of her life.
>also, if she were very resourceful and ambitious, as
>it seems possible she might be, she could probably
>manage to get herself married into a powerful family
>and lord it over the other wives, etc.  seems to be
>her personality type.

Anyone remember the Ancestress from Hughart's _Bridge of Birds_, whose rise
to power began when she was only 10?  It's just got to be little Vivien, all
grown up and slaughtering people left and right.  :)

Melissa Proffitt
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