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Tue Apr 3 01:21:31 EDT 2001

On Mon, 2 Apr 2001 12:27:54 +0800 , Anita Graham wrote:

>Its out in paperback here in Australia - there is a copy in my car (not yet
>read..but then I found Sabriel hard to get into too).

>Given the number of people who'd mentioned Sabriel here, I was surprised
>that noone had mentioned Lirael was out! especially as its already in pb.

It's not out in America until April 10 (actually, this is the date tells me it will ship) and only in HC.  I'm spending far too much
on books right now; when did they get so expensive?  And I've bought more
than a few paperbacks that came unglued from their bindings after only one
reading, so I see $24-ish for hardcover as a much better bargain than $7-8
for a crappy paperback.  My actual preference is for trade-sized paperbacks,
but you can't always get that size....

...and speaking of spending money on books, I was APPALLED to hear how many
of you mistreat books and are PROUD of it.  Heathens.  :)  I hate the way
mangled books look on a shelf; nice clean spines all in a row, like
rectangular jewels, that's what I like to see.  Not necessarily mint
condition--they're meant to be read--but there's no need to break spines, is
there?  And Thomas Lynn is on my side too, so there.  Besides, I hate
spending good money to replace a book that's been read to pieces, when I
could be buying something I've never read before.

Melissa Proffitt
(suffering from Powell's withdrawal, there are no good used bookstores near
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