Time of the Ghost - Spoilers, questions on the ending

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzky at madison.k12.wi.us
Mon Apr 2 18:42:29 EDT 2001

My God, no.  I agree wholeheartedly that ToTG is creepy.  I hid my copy in
the basement one night, I was so scared to go to sleep with it in my room.
But no other book is that disturbing, by far.   F&H and SWM, and all of the
characters who fall under "Queen of Faerie" persona are evil and possibly
disturbing, but not in the same way as ToTG.  By the way, reading the
e-mail where "Lesley" was used, it occured to me...does anyone else see
strong similarities to ToTG and F&H, especially in the picturre of Sally
given to Monigan vs. the Obah Cypt that Polly stole from Laurel?


Rebecca D. Ganetzky

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